Would you like to be part of creating a happier and more caring society? If so please join our movement, add your pledge and take action - at home, at school, at work or in your community. Together we can make a difference

I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me


Launch event: Happiness in Action

Below are videos of the three showcase presentations given at the Action for Happiness launch event, highlighting some of the inspiring work already being done in communities across the UK.

Happy City

Mike & Liz Zeidler. Mike and Liz founded Happy City having worked around the world in community engagement. With a pilot underway in Bristol, Happy City is helping individuals and communities to focus on happiness, and put their energy into the things that increase it.

Download: Happy City presentation slides

DIY Happiness

Sherry Clark (with Carolyn Swan, Serena-Leigh Ellis and Sarah Samuel). Sherry uses participative approaches to promote positive psychology in urban and community settings. She has run DIY Happiness since its inception in 2007. The project works across 20 of London’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods to creatively challenge local residents’ perceptions of what makes people happy.

Download: DIY Happiness presentation slides

A Good Week

Natalie Campbell and Hannah Carnell. Natalie and Hannah decided there had to be more to life than 9-5 so they left the Rat Race for the Good life. A Good Week is their new initiative to inspire people, businesses and communities to take action to feel good, do good and live good. It will take place in June 2011.

Download: A Good Week presentation slides

Interviews with Showcase Projects

Below is a video of interviews with a few of the Showcase Projects involved in the launch event

Other content from the Launch Event