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The Happiness Challenge

In January 2011, Action for Happiness partnered with BBC Breakfast to run a week-long Happiness Challenge. The aim was to get members of the public trying out simple actions to improve their happiness, based on the latest scientific research.

We found eight volunteers in Scarborough - including a bin man, artist, butcher, belly dancer, shop worker, marine biologist and retired couple.

Part 1: Can we learn to be happier?
The Happiness Challenge is introduced and we meet some of the participants for the first time.

Part 2: Being grateful for the good things
Our volunteers take time out to thank people they feel really grateful to.

Part 3: The importance of kindness and relationships
Our volunteers do acts of kindness and focus on their relationships with others.

Part 4: Can mindfulness help us deal with stress?
Our volunteers learn how mindfulness can reshape the way they think and bring big benefits.

Part 5: Did it make a difference?
Review how our volunteers got on, including a discussion with Linda Papadopoulos and David Sillito.

Daily Actions

The Happiness Challenge involves simple daily actions in three areas:

* Be Mindful - do less and notice more

* Be Kind - do things for others

* Be Grateful - remember the good things

Happiness Challenge workbook

Download: Happiness Challenge workbook



The Happiness Challenge was supported by our friends at Headspace.