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Do You Hear My Voice?

13 Nov 2017 | News Release

Press Release: 13 November 2017


An innovative musical initiative called Do You Hear My Voice has been launched today (World Kindness Day) by Mary Bourne, founder and musical director of the Singing it Back community choir - to raise funds for two charities close to her own heart.

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"Everybody has a voice, some more confident than others, but all voices are important" said Mary. "The way we use our voices can leave us feeling empowered and valued. My work as a choir leader and singer has helped me find coping strategies to my manage my own experience of anxiety and depression."

"The way we use our voices can leave us feeling empowered and valued"

"There have been times in my own life where I have felt voiceless or misunderstood.  Singing has enabled me to share my emotions in a safe way. I hope that my composition resonates with many."

Do You Hear My Voice

Mary has chosen Anxiety UK and Action for Happiness to benefit from the funds raised from other community choirs downloading the score and utilising with their own choirs repertoire in the coming months.

The score for Do You Hear My Voice was written and produced by Mary herself. The song has already been performed and recorded by the 76 singers from Mary's three Singing It Back choirs, accompanied by the Woking Wind Orchestra.

It can now be downloaded free from her website with voluntary donations able to be made for the use of the score via www.mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/doyouhearmyvoice.

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Commenting on the unique fundraising idea Mary Bourne said: "All too often we suffer in silence. Do You Hear My Voice encourages us to raise our voices, be heard and feel understood.

"I am hopeful that choirs, schools, individuals, choral societies, soloists, families and friends will download the score and enjoy learning and performing the song.

"By giving a voluntary donation for the music, you will be supporting my two chosen charities, AnxietyUK and Action For Happiness".

"Singing is a fantastic way to spread happiness, enhance wellbeing and bring people together in local communities"

Singing It Back Rehearsal

Anxiety UK's Chief Executive Nicky Lidbetter said:

"We are thrilled that Mary has chosen Anxiety UK as one of the charities to benefit from this wonderful initiative and generous gesture. I know form my own experience of singing in a community choir how therapeutic it can be".

Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action For Happiness said:

"Singing is a fantastic way to spread happiness, enhance wellbeing and bring people together in local communities. Mary's project is so inspiring and I'm sure people all around the country will want to get involved".

A campaign to promote awareness of the song is also being launched today on social media using the hashtag #DoYouHearMyVoice

The music can be downloaded at www.singingitback.co.uk/doyouhearmyvoice

Even if you are not part of a choir, you can get involved by printing the score and encouraging others to learn the song. There are various versions of the score to enable as many as possible to get involved, regardless of musical experience.



Notes to Editors

  • Mary Bourne is a community choir leader who has been leading choirs for the past 10 years. 
  • Anxiety UK is run by and for those living with and/or affected by anxiety disorders, stress and depression. 
  • Action for Happiness is a movement of people taking action to help create a happier and more caring society.



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