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Friends, family and birthdays 'make children happiest'

16 Apr 2011 | BBC News

Friends, family and birthdays top the list of things that UK children say make them happy, a survey suggests. Computer games came in above chocolate, while social networking websites languished below both, in the survey of 1,000 children aged up to 16. Children rated their happiness, on average, at 8.5 out of 10, compared to only 6.5 for adults.

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  • Ask your friends & family how they're doing & don't be afraid to ask again if they say they're ok but don't seem it https://t.co/FriW7dDxrH

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  • @chloe_cbd: If you can attend this event, book now! #resilience #happiness #wellbeing https://t.co/BKl6VaBCdv

    today 4:33am

  • Things don’t always happen for the best, but we can always try to make the best of the things that happen

    today 4:32am

  • Good news: there are things we can do to build our resilience and wellbeing http:///brian-marien.eventbrite.co.uk https://t.co/jA3vAJ7kJW

    today 2:35am

  • Please help our friends @meridian_trust to continue their wonderful work filming the Dalai Lama #CamerasforKarma https://t.co/pKnLj4zLiw

    today 12:52pm

  • Mindful Movement and Kindfulness are part of #WelcomeHome - a Festival of Arts & Wellbeing! https://t.co/mb67jdJEvn https://t.co/fgoNUj61vL

    today 12:23pm

  • Rather than continually self-criticising, learn to treat yourself as you would a good friend https://t.co/ndkqbyqAcz https://t.co/k7JbJKeq5V

    today 11:17am

  • @DavidHomfray: From - What to do when it feels like society has gone all wrong https://t.co/wz0C2PFHxM

    today 1:19pm

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