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Living a happier life and building a more peaceful world

21 Jun 2017 | David Lambourne

Peaceful World

Action for Happiness supporter David Lambourne shares his reflections on living a happier life and building a more peaceful world:

1. Much as we would prefer to know all the answers, we have to accept that life is ultimately a mystery.

2. If we are to live in harmony with ourselves, with others and with our environment we have to embark on an intellectual and spiritual quest to find out who we are.

3. If we are to benefit fully from life we have to attend to all aspects of our wellbeing - physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual.

4. Although we should value the past and plan for the future we should endeavour to always be mindful of the present. Every moment is precious.

Past Now Future

5. If we accept that what we are is of greater importance than what we have, we can learn to enjoy the advantages of living simply and, in so doing, benefit too our environment.

6. Whatever our views about both religious institutions and their dogmas, we are wise to acknowledge the contributions of the great spiritual teachers and to recognise the value of stilling our minds in meditation.

7. If we are to enjoy the love and respect of others, we have to be prepared to extend the same to them whoever they are, irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender, age or sexual orientation. They, too, are distinctive centres of consciousness.

8. We have to accept that we are all products of our environment, of our cultural, religious, racial and family background and we are all, without exception, flawed and prone to failures and weaknesses. We need, therefore, to forgive rather than stand in judgement of the errors and shortcomings of our fellows.

9. By recognising the futility of trying to live our lives in isolation, we recognise that our lives are given meaning through co-operation with, and service for, others.

Life Is A Gift

10. In accepting that life is a gift - whether a gift of God or simply of genes passed from our parents - and that we did nothing to bring it into being, we can learn to accept the restrictions that life imposes on us and to value what we have.

11. In coming to a sense of oneness with the world we accept that all life is deserving of reverence.

12. In following this approach to living we understand that it is entirely consistent with a peaceful, politically stable, and environmentally sustainable world.


Summary points taken from 'Living with Meaning and Value' by David Lambourne.


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