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Start your Happiness Book Club

04 Aug 2016 | Suzy Greaves

Psychologies is partnering with Action for Happiness to encourage people to set up Book Clubs focused on Happiness. 

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The world can be an uncertain place. But I believe that we are all part of a global family. In the midst of ongoing political change and uncertainty, we need to stop talking about division and unease and start listening - to each other and to our own wisdom.

As Editor of Psychologies, I am determined to help create 'safe places' where we can have meaningful conversations about the things that matter. I believe we can choose compassion over fear, and make decisions which are wise and caring rather than self-interested or ego-led; we can be part of a movement figuring out positive solutions for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

In this spirit, Pyschologies and Action for Happiness are launching Happiness Book Clubs. Our vision is to create more happiness in the world through the way in which we approach our lives and the way we treat each other. The idea is to meet once a month to experiment with how you can put happiness - yours and other people's - at the heart of your philosophy.

What's the goal?

To help create a genuinely happier society by providing a place for us to connect once a month to talk about how we can survive and thrive in the world. Let's be the change we want to see.

How does it work?

Every month, invite your friends, family or people you'd like to get to know, and create your own book club to discuss our book of the month, recommended and reviewed by Action for Happiness positive psychology expert, Vanessa King. Psychologies will also post monthly interviews with the book's author on Life Labs and Facebook group.

Why start a Happiness Book Club?

Researchers have found people are happier when they are with others (even if you're an introvert). Happy people are also more sociable and helpful. So, being around others makes us happier, and when we are happier, we are more fun to be around, creating an 'upward spiral' of happiness.

Our first book

This month, Vanessa King from Action for Happiness recommends Ed Halliwell's new book, Into The Heart Of Mindfulness (Little Brown, £13.99) - so please let us know what you think.

Heart Of Mindfulness    Ed Halliwell

About the book

Plagued by anxiety and depression for much of his twenties and thirties, Ed Halliwell frantically searched for ways to understand and relieve his distress. He discovered mindfulness and the deeper he went into the practice the more it transformed his life, easing his depression and helping him see each moment as precious.

As a former editor of FHM magazine, Ed's life has changed radically and he now teaches mindfulness to others. In this book, Ed explores how mindfulness can help us transform our unhelpful biases and habits, enable us to live more at peace with stress and uncertainty, cultivate cheerfulness and compassion, and help us to find our life's calling.

Ed emphasises that mindfulness training is a lifelong path and complete way of being rather than just a short course or quick fix. With practical advice and refreshing candour, he explores how working with the realities of our minds, bodies and day-to-day existence - rather than striving for positive results - can help us rediscover a richly nourishing, deeply-textured life.

Related events

Psychologies will be discussing the book with Ed Halliwell live at the Margate Book Festival on 20 August 2016. And Ed will also be the special guest speaker at a big Action for Happiness event in London on 15 November 2016.


Suzy Greaves

Suzy Greaves is editor of Psychologies and author of Making The Big Leap and The Big Peace. She believes that happiness is about living life to the full right here, right now, committing to a few goals now and again and taking Oscar, the Psychologies dog for a walk when it all gets a bit too much!


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