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We're starting to measure what really matters

28 Feb 2012 | Action for Happiness

Today sees publication of new findings and updates from the Office for National Statistics work to measure UK national wellbeing.

This press release provides an update on the ONS measurement programme: Grass roots opinion can help to create a better life for us all.

This report contains the latest estimates of subjective wellbeing based on data from over 80,000 adults across the UK: Analysis of experimental subjective well-being data April - September 2011. Although still "experimental" in nature this is a significantly bigger sample size than for the preliminary data that was released in December 2011.

Welcoming today's report, Action for Happiness' director Mark Williamson said:

"The publication of this latest wellbeing data is another very welcome step towards the UK measuring what really matters most - people's quality of life as they experience it. For the first time we're gathering official data not just on how our economy is growing but on how our lives are going. This will allow us to better track our progress as a society and hold our politicians to account in developing policies that truly support people's wellbeing."

"Notable findings from today's publication include the evidence that people report lower levels of wellbeing the longer they have been unemployed; that Londoners report higher levels of day-to-day anxiety than others; and that although having children may not increase people's life satisfaction, they do report a greater sense that their lives are worthwhile."


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