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Happiness: An evening with Tony Hawks

"I was putting my trust in other people. Helping other people is good for them, so you're doing somebody a favour when you let them help you" ~ Tony Hawks

An evening with Tony Hawks

On 30 June 2012, best-selling author and comedian Tony Hawks shared his unique perspective on life and happiness, including his views on generosity, the politics of wellbeing and why he believes happiness comes less from material things and more from helping others.

Tony has been a supporter of  Action for Happiness since before its launch and has spoken passionately in support of the movement on BBC radio and at public events. 

Below is a video from the event for those who couldn't make it.

About Tony Hawks

Tony Hawks

Tony Hawks is the author of the bestselling book Round Ireland with a Fridge, a top 10 Sunday Times bestseller which was serialised on BBC Radio 4. In his recent follow-upThe Fridge-Hiker's Guide To Life, Tony shares valuable lessons he learnt on his adventures, like "We need less than we think we do", "Accept, and try to understand" and "Find out how you can best be of service - and get on with it".

Tony's other books include Playing the Moldovans at Tennis, A Piano In The Pyrenees and One Hit Wonderland. Tony has appeared frequently on TV shows such as: Have I Got News For You and They Think It's All Over. He's also a regular guest on radio shows like The News Quiz, Just a Minute, and I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. He has twice been a contestant on Celebrity Mastermind, most recently in a special version for Children in Need. He is a passionate tennis fan and the founder of Tennis4Free.

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