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Launch event: Panel Session

Below are videos of the talks from the panel session at the Action for Happiness launch and the Q&A debate which took place afterwards. The five topics covered were Communities, Families, Education, Workplace and Consumerism.

Communities: Geoff Mulgan - CEO, The Young Foundation

Families: Siobhan Freegard - Founder, Netmums

Education: Anthony Seldon - Master, Wellington College

Workplace: Henry Stewart - Founder & CEO, Happy Ltd

Consumerism: Gail Gallie - CEO, Fallon UK

Download: Gail Gallie's presentation slides

Panel Q&A Session: The speakers answer questions from the audience

Other content from the Launch Event

Speaker Biographies
  • Geoff Mulgan (Chief Executive, The Young Foundation). Geoff is Chief Executive the Young Foundation, a centre for social innovation. He was previously director of Government's Strategy Unit, Head of Policy in the Prime Minister's office and founder of think-tank Demos. He is a founder of Action for Happiness.
  • Siobhan Freegard (Founder, Netmums). Siobhan is founder of Netmums - a leading online parenting network (winner of the 2010 Hitwise award) - following a career in marketing. As a passionate mother of three, Siobhan authored a book entitled "How to be a happy mum".
  • Anthony Seldon (Master, Wellington College). Anthony is Master of Wellington College, where he introduced well-being classes with great success. He is a political historian, commentator and author/editor of over 25 books on contemporary history, politics and education. He is a founder of Action for Happiness.
  • Henry Stewart (Founder & CEO, Happy Ltd). Henry is founder and Chief Executive of Happy Ltd, a training company that has been rated in the top 20 UK workplaces for the last 5 years and won the Best Jobs award from the London Health Commission last year.
  • Gail Gallie (CEO, Fallon UK). Gail is Chief Executive of leading creative agency, Fallon UK. She is an experienced advertising executive and former BBC head of marketing and is passionate about happiness.