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Launch event: Showcase Projects

Below are the showcase projects that were involved in the Action for Happiness launch event in April 2011. They are examples of inspiring projects relating to happiness and well-being and all have Action for Happiness members involved.

A Good Week     A Good Week

A Good Week  is a new initiative from A Very Good Company to inspire people, businesses and communities to take action to feel good, do good and live good. It will take place in June 2011.

DIY Happiness     DIY Happiness

DIY Happiness  uses humour, creativity and evidence from positive psychology to provide practical advice and information that increases people's ability to 'bounce back' from adversity, reduces the impact of stress, increases resilience and builds durable personal resources.

Guerrilla Hugs     Guerrilla Hugs

Guerrilla Hugs  is a social enterprise aimed at promoting free hugs for well being and random acts of kindness for happiness. The aims are to increase touch and social interaction in everyday life, promoting connection, meaning, community and pro-social behaviour.

Happy City     Happy City

Happy City is helping individuals and communities to focus on happiness, and put their energy into the things that support and increase it. Through events, grassroots campaigns and an online hub, it brings ideas to people of all ages, backgrounds and outlooks in a fun and approachable way.

Happy Museum     Happy Museum

The Happy Museum Project is challenging museums to re-imagine their purpose and discover how they can help people connect, be more active, learn new things, look at the world differently and give back to the community.

How To Thrive     How To Thrive

How To Thrive  provides leading-edge expertise in the skills and approaches that allow children, young people, leaders, organisations and communities to thrive and flourish. Their flagship programme is the Penn Resilience Programme.

Lambeth Wellbeing     Lambeth Wellbeing

The Lambeth Wellbeing Programme aims to make the most of the strengths and assets of people living and working in Lambeth and create the conditions where it is possible for all to achieve their potential for wellbeing.

Life Clubs     Life Clubs

Life Clubs is a collection of 50 workshops written by Nina Grunfeld. These practical, fun and inspirational workshops are run weekly in local clubs throughout the UK and Canada and are a great way to access expert and affordable self-improvement guidance.

Mental Wealth     Mental Wealth

Mental Wealth UK is a national scheme designed to help universities and higher education institutions run promotional events to inform and support students on mental health and wellbeing.

Mindapples     Mindapples

Mindapples is a campaign to make taking care of our minds something we all care about, collectively. We make people more aware of the connection between what they do and how they feel, and promote the benefits to everyone of taking better care of our minds by asking "What's the 5-a-day for your mind?"

Mindful Maps     Mindful Maps

Mindful Maps uses visual facilitation and illustration to helps group or individuals gain an empathy with information and catalyse creative learning. Led by the belief that we are all artists, this approach nurtures, supports and empowers creativity to enable positive change.


The New Economics Foundation is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being. NEF has done pioneering work relating to well-being, including developing the Five Ways to Wellbeing and work on measurement of well-being.

Relate     Relate 100

Relate helps people achieve happiness in their relationships if they are young or old, single or in a relationship, straight or gay. It's vision is a future in which healthy relationships form the heart of a happy and thriving society.

Strive for Happiness     Strive for Happiness

The Strive for Happiness  is about people, curiosity, play, adventure, sharing, experience, listening, learning, change, fun and creativity, making people be as fabulous as they are, supporting them to find their purpose, passions and to find value in their lives.


The University of East London provides an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), an innovative postgraduate degree, only the second of its kind in the world. The MAPP attracts an international cohort of students from a range of professional backgrounds and has a strong focus on the practical applications of positive psychology.

Young Foundation     Young Foundation

The Young Foundation brings together insights, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet social needs. It has done pioneering work relating to well-being, including the Local Wellbeing project.

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