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Oliver Burkeman: An alternative path to Happiness

"Real happiness is something more like authenticity - seeing the world as it really is. We'll get there a lot more reliably if find ways of letting go of this constant, counter-productive striving to stamp out negativity at all costs" ~ Oliver Burkeman

An alternative path to happiness

On 14 June 2012, author and columnist Oliver Burkeman provided his refreshing perspective on how to lead a happy life. He shared the insights from his new book The Antidote, which explains how facing up to life's difficulties and uncertainties can actually make us happier.

It was a fascinating and counter-intuitive message, combining ancient philosophy, Buddhist wisdom, modern Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and much more.

Below is a video from the event for those who couldn't make it, plus a nice animation about Oliver's new book The Antidote:

About Oliver Burkeman

Oliver Burkeman

Oliver writes This Column Will Change Your Life in The Guardian, where he regularly investigates social psychology, self-help culture and the science of happiness.

His previous book HELP!: How to Become Slightly Happier and Get a Bit More Doneis a witty and thought-provoking exploration of the world of self-help books, which aims to sort out the good ideas from the terrible ones.

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