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Supporting Quotes

We are extremely grateful to our partner organisations for their support and expertise:


"The Action for Happiness initiative has come at the perfect time to encourage a focus on individual wellbeing when many people are understandably concerned about the financial pressures affecting us all. We welcome the initiative and hope it will spark further conversations about mental health and happiness, to reduce the stigma and discrimination that continue to surround mental distress, in turn promoting the emotional resilience of the population as a whole."

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive, MIND


"Despite a great deal of material progress, we still see distressing levels of social problems in our society. A focus on well-being and happiness is important and necessary.  Action for Happiness has a vision where we can all play a role in creating a society which values personal well-being, relationships, and meaningful, purposeful, lives. Psychologists are working hard for positive social change and we welcome and fully support the aims of Action for Happiness."

Professor Peter Kinderman, Chair Division of Clinical Psychology, BPS


"Families today are struggling with a great many issues including financial, practical and emotional problems. But when you ask any parent what they want for their children, they will say that they want them "to be happy". We fundamentally believe that happy parents = happy children and we know from our research that small daily changes can have long term effects on happiness levels. We are delighted to support Action for Happiness and hope together we can spread the Happiness message."

Siobhan Freegard, Founder, Netmums


"NCVO supports Action for Happiness because we understand the intrinsic link between engaging in voluntary action and wellbeing for millions of people in this country. We welcome initiatives that work to understand better what contributes to people's wellbeing and the important role that the voluntary sector can play in this."

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive, National Council of Voluntary Organisations


"TimeBank is getting behind Action for Happiness because we are firm believers that community volunteering can make a major contribution to happiness and well-being. We know from our own experience that volunteering can result in positive social change; bringing together diverse groups all working together to achieve a better society for everyone."

Helen Walker, Chief Executive, TimeBank


"BITC supports Action for Happiness because improving the wellbeing of employees is a moral, social and economic imperative. BITC's Workwell Campaign inspires every organisation to create the right conditions for their people to flourish. A happy, healthy and engaged workforce is responsible business practice, resulting in business and social benefits."

Louise Aston, Campaign Director, Business Action on Health, BITC


"It's a simple truth - and one borne out by research, that our relationships are crucial to our happiness. Happy relationships mean a happier society. This is why we are so delighted to see the launch of Action for Happiness which we hope will get more people thinking about what really makes them happy, and how they can have more happiness, both in and out of their relationships "

Claire Tyler, Chief Executive, Relate


"Children who are safe, supported, loved and cared for will have the best chance of developing resilience and establishing strong bonds with their families, friends and communities. NCB commits to taking action for happiness. In doing so, we make a wider commitment to investing our time and our efforts in establishing a new vision of prosperity, which recognises the importance of material wealth and fulfilling work but which is not enslaved by it."

Sir Paul Ennals, Chief Executive, National Children's Bureau

The Children's Society

"Children's happiness with their lives is central to their well-being, which is pivotal to our work. We are delighted to support Action for Happiness in highlighting the importance of happiness and well-being, and in generating greater public understanding of this vital issue."

Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive, The Children's Society


"Happiness is fundamental to student success. If students are not happy, they will not be able to fully participate in their own community of learning, they will not be able to manage their learning alongside the many other pressures in their lives, and they will not be able to use their mind effectively. NUS is delighted to be involved in Action for Happiness, because we should take happiness seriously in education."

Aaron Porter, President, National Union of Students

National Trust

"The National Trust is delighted to support Action for Happiness. Everything we do emphasises how important the quality of life is for people today - we provide a means of reconnection between people and nature, history, beauty and landscape, and by these means we bring happiness into people's lives. So we are enthusiastic supporters of the Action for Happiness campaign."

Fiona Reynolds, Director General, National Trust

Citizens UK

"CITIZENS UK welcomes the launch of Action for Happiness and looks forward to a close working relationship. People are happier if they are engaged in constructive relationships with others and are involved in working together for the common good. This applies to all socio economic groups, all ages and all ethnic groups."

Neil Jameson, Founding Executive Director, Citizens UK