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The Happiness Challenge

Action for Happiness partnered with BBC Breakfast to run a week-long Happiness Challenge. The aim was to get people trying out simple actions to improve their happiness, based on the latest scientific research. We found eight volunteers in Scarborough - including a bin man, artist, butcher, belly dancer, shop worker, marine biologist and retired couple.

Part 1: Can we learn to be happier?
The Happiness Challenge is introduced and we meet some of the participants for the first time.

Part 2: Being grateful for the good things
Our volunteers take time out to thank people they feel really grateful to.

Part 3: The importance of kindness and relationships
Our volunteers do acts of kindness and focus on their relationships with others.

Part 4: Can mindfulness help us deal with stress?
Our volunteers learn how mindfulness can reshape the way they think and bring big benefits.

Part 5: Did it make a difference?
Review how our volunteers got on, including a discussion with presenter David Sillito.

Daily Actions

The Happiness Challenge involves simple daily actions in three areas:

* Be Mindful - do less and notice more

* Be Kind - do things for others

* Be Grateful - remember the good things

Happiness Challenge workbook

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Ten Keys to Happier Living

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Book: Ten Keys to Happier Living

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