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Baby Policy for Events

Mother And Baby

Families are the foundation for happiness and we love children!

Parents who are attending one of our live events are welcome to bring babies in arms (or pushchair), provided you adhere to the following conditions:

  • Please avoid disturbing or blocking the view of others around you
  • Please remove babies crying / making a noise from the room as quickly as possible to avoid disruption to other attendees
  • Please ensure changing of nappies is done outside of the event auditorium
  • Please sit at a convenient place at the side/back of the room if your baby needs to stay in a pushchair
  • Please respect requests from the event team, e.g. if you are asked to take your baby out because of disturbance
  • Please ask one of the team if you need any help or assistance

Thank You

Book: 50 Ways to Feel Happy

50 Ways Image 1 - Cover

New Happiness book for children based on the Ten Keys to Happier Living, packed with fun activities to learn and try out.


Download our Keys to Happier Living posters for children

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