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Running a Private Course

Exploring What Matters gives you the chance to meet friendly, like-minded people and find simple ways to make yourself and others happier.

Although predominantly run in public settings, the course has proven really effective at increasing wellbeing and compassion with organisations as well.


Unlike our public courses, which have online booking pages where participants make individual donations to join the course, our private courses are sponsored by a hosting organisation which provides a venue and volunteers and cover the cost of each participant's involvement.

These courses are usually run either by organisations looking to support the wellbeing of their employees or by third-sector organisations with a community of beneficiaries (e.g. a housing association).


Before setting up a private course we recommend taking a look at our Exploring What Matters course page and 'How to become a Course Leader' guide to understand what the course involves.

If you're interested in setting up a course in your organisation, please follow the steps below.

If you have any questions please drop us a quick email at courses@actionforhappiness.org

Step 1. Plan your course

Before filling your application you'll need to know:

Leaders: Who the 2 volunteers are that will lead your course

Venue: Where will it be held, including confirming AV equipment, refreshments and privacy

Timings: What time and day your course will run (over 8 consecutive weeks), with a start date at least 4 weeks from date of application to allow for set-up

Participants: How many participants will attend your course and how will you recruit them and book their places

Donation: What per-head donation your organisation is prepared to make towards the materials and support costs*

* The standard donation is £90 per person. In some cases we can accept lower donations, for example from non-profit organisations who would otherwise not be able to host a course.

Step 2. Registering your volunteers

Along with your course application we need each of your volunteers who are running the course to have read the 'How to Become a Course Leader' guide (above):

Click here to download the guide

Once they have done so they each need to fill out a Leader Registration form before we can review your application.


Step 3. Fill a course application

Once you have planned your course and both your volunteers have filled Leader Registrations then please fill out a Course Application form for us to review.

Click here to fill in your course application

Step 4. Confirmation and Set Up

Once we have your Course Application and Leader Registrations from each of your leaders we can move forward to confirming and setting up your course.

We'll then be in touch with you to arrange the following:

Review: We'll take a look at your course proposal and decide whether it looks suitable to be supported (if there are elements that are not yet quite right we will let you know ASAP so we can find a solution together)

Set-Up Call: (Optional) If necessary we may ask for a call with you and/or your volunteers to check in with details of your application

Invoicing: We will invoice you for your total contribution to the materials and set up of your course (Total: agreed per-head contribution x number of participants) - if overseas we may need to add a shipping surcharge also

Shipping: We will then arrange for course manuals to be shipped to an address you specify

Data Loading: You will transfer to us of the names and contact details of the course participants of the course so we can load them into our system to receive weekly 'nudge and extra resources' emails during the course


Lucy -ad"Sharing thoughts and ideas with people, being able to focus on all the positive things around me. Having some time just for me. This course is fantastic!"

Natasha Hill, Devon and Cornwall Police

Participant feedback

"The course has really had a profoundly positive impact on my life"

"It has been so incredible to be surrounded by such interesting people who share my passion for making the world happier"

"It has become easier to make changes to the way I think and the things I do. I feel very encouraged to have met such interesting, kind people"

"It just gets better and there's a shift from caring for oneself to caring for others"


Afh Gathering 2

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