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Dalai Lama Event - Mon 21 September

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We were so honoured that our patron The Dalai Lama joined us for a very special afternoon event on Monday 21 September 2015 (World Peace Day) in London. The event looked at how to create a happier and more caring world and celebrated the work which Action for Happiness supporters are doing to make a difference.

As well as the Action for Happiness founders and team, the event included:

  • Daniel Goleman - who shared the key messages from A Force For Good, his wonderful new book about the Dalai Lama's vision for our world 
  • Suzy Greaves - who talked about shifting our culture towards happiness and why hundreds of people are forming their own 'happiness clubs'
  • Richie Davidson - who shared the very latest research about the neuroscience of happiness and compassion
  • Matthieu Ricard - who explored why compassion is vital and how we can create a kinder and more caring world

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The event was held at Lyceum Theatre on the afternoon of Monday 21 September 2015

> Click here for full video footage from the event


Do things for others

Giving 200

A Force For Good

Dan Goleman's fantastic new book about the Dalai Lama's vision for our world.

A Force For Good

We are honoured that the work of Action for Happiness features in the book as an example of his ideas being put into practice.


Ten Keys to Happier Living

Great Dream 200

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