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A Force For Good

A FORCE FOR GOOD: The Dalai Lama's Vision for Our World

DL & RL On Stage

We are excited to announce that Dan Goleman has written a new book with our patron, the Dalai Lama, all about His Holiness' vision for a better world. We are honoured that the work of Action for Happiness features in the book as an example of his ideas being put into practice.

A Force For Good   Force For Good Us Version   Dan Goleman And Dalai Lama 

About the book

Challenging what he sees as a general mixture of cynicism and self-interest, the Dalai Lama offers a radically different perspective and a vision that can be carried forward by people around the globe.

From cultivating early on a capacity for caring that transcends religious, ideological and national boundaries, to creating an economic system that applies principals of fairness and which values fulfilment, his argument focuses on what is urgent and why it should matter to each of us.

In his unique manifesto, the Dalai Lama presents perspective on the world that can bring hope to millions, that will endure beyond the present day and that has the potential to reshape humanity.

Details of where to order the book are here:

You can also listen to an excerpt from the audiobook.

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