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Happiness and Wellbeing in Schools

John Stainer School V2

There are lots of wonderful organisations working to promote the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in schools and beyond. Here are some of our favourites...


Anna Freud Centre

Anna Freud


Bounce Forward

Bounce Forward


Family Links

Family Links


iGROWco - Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids
> igrowco.com



Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues
> jubileecentre.ac.uk

Jubilee Centre 


Mental Health First Aid
> mhfaengland.org
> mhfaengland.org/youth-mhfa-schools-colleges



Mindfulness in Schools Project
>  mindfulnessinschools.org



Mindful Schools
> mindfulschools.org

Mindful Schools


> mindup.org

Mind Up


Partnership for Wellbeing & Mental Health in Schools
> ncb.org.uk/partnership-well-being-and-mental-health-schools

Ncb Partnership


> place2be.org.uk

Place 2Be


Relax Kids
> relaxkids.com

Relax Kids 


Roots of Empathy
> rootsofempathy.org

Roots Of Empathy


Student Minds
> studentminds.org.uk

Student Minds


> teachappy.co.uk



Values Based Education
> valuesbasededucation.com



Young Happy Minds
> younghappyminds.com

Young Happy Minds


Young Minds
> youngminds.org.uk

Young Minds


Youth Mindfulness
> youthmindfulness.org
Youth Mindfulness

And to find out more about projects and activities to promote Positive Education all around the world, we recommend connecting with:

International Positive Education Network
> ipositive-education.net



Also, here's a helpful guide for Supporting students with mental health issues.

Other organisations

If you know of other great organisations or initiatives working to promote children's happiness and wellbeing, we'd love to hear from you...


The Keys to Happier Living toolkit is a fantastic set of teaching resources designed for use with 7-11 year olds

Cover Toolkit Small

Book: 50 Ways to Feel Happy

50 Ways Image 1 - Cover

New Happiness book for children based on the Ten Keys to Happier Living, packed with fun activities to learn and try out.

Why Children’s Happiness Matters

Kids Meditating At School

Schools play a vital role in addressing the mental health crisis and helping children develop skills to flourish, not just academically but throughout their lives.
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Download our Keys to Happier Living posters for children

Giving Extra Small Relating Extra Small

Exercising Extra Small Awareness Extra Small

Children's kindness inspires commuters

Brockley Metro Kids V2

Pupils at John Stainer School re-branded Anti-Bullying Week as "It's Cool To Be Kind Week" and have been spreading kindness at school and in their local community.
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Book: Ten Keys to Happier Living

Ten Keys Book Packshot

Order your copy of our inspiring, science-based book and discover how to live a happier life and help create a happier world.

Helping children thrive

Schools have a vital role in helping children develop the capabilities to lead happy lives

Thriving schools

Recent decades have seen big increases in the proportion of young people with emotional and behavioural issues. Mental health problems are increasingly prevalent, with 20% of children experiencing such issues each year. These problems affect other areas of a child's life and also increase the likelihood of mental health difficulties later on in adult life.

Schools experience the day-to-day reality of these issues but are also vital in combating them and promoting good emotional health. Our vision is for a movement of schools placing happiness and well-being at the heart of their ethos and culture, and proactively sharing their approaches with others.


Find ways to bounce back

Resilience 200

A Force For Good

Dan Goleman's fantastic new book about the Dalai Lama's vision for our world.

A Force For Good

We are honoured that the work of Action for Happiness features in the book as an example of his ideas being put into practice.