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Britons say key to happiness is helping others

10 Oct 2010 | Theos

More than half of Britons believe helping others in the UK and abroad is important to achieving happiness, a new poll has revealed.

On the eve of a new report into human wellbeing, the survey found that 75% of those asked believe helping people in the UK is key to happiness, with 54% citing helping those abroad as important to happiness. Nearly 90% of people said that living in a world where the environment is protected and where poverty does not exist is important.

The poll, by aid agencies CAFOD and Tearfund, and think-tank Theos, asked British adults to identify what makes them happy. The top priority for 97% of people was spending time with friends and family, while having an interesting job was important for 92%. A high income was a much lower priority at 64%.

Tearfund Chief Executive Matthew Frost said: "It's interesting that in this time of economic uncertainty, when we might have expected people to prioritise income over all else, we have instead found that people look outwards to the state of the environment, world poverty and personal relationships with others as their measures of happiness.

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