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Daily Pause: stay calm in the crisis

21 Apr 2020 | Action for Happiness

We are inviting people to join a Daily Pause at 8am to stay calm in the crisis.

Daily Pause

The Daily Pause is a moment to practise being calm in this crisis, when so many of us are facing big challenges. This chance to stop, be still and breathe helps to support our mental health and overall wellbeing - which is so vital right now.

The Daily Pause also gives us a chance to reflect on what's happening and how we're feeling. Many of us are feeling anxiety and fear at the moment, but there is also a sense of togetherness and gratitude - especially for all those who are doing so much to help others

Get involved wherever you are and share using the #DailyPause hashtag

"At this vexed time it's vital we look after our mental health. Taking just two minutes for a Daily Pause can help to set us on the right path for the day" ~ Sir Anthony Seldon

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This is part of our campaign to Keep Calm, Stay Wise and Be Kind at this challenging time.

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