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Newsletter 4: Christmas update

23 Dec 2010 | Mark Williamson

Hello from snowy London and welcome to the final update of the year for all supporters of Action for Happiness. It's wonderful that people from 59 different countries are now involved. Huge thanks once again for all your support.

Website design - we'd love your input

Our new website is due to be launched early in 2011 and we would really value your opinion on the latest designs. It would be great if you could spare a few minutes to give us your feedback using these links:

  • What do you think of our homepage?
  • Where would you click to support the movement?
  • How does this make you feel?

Results from our member survey

In November we asked for your views in our member survey. Many thanks to the 700+ people who completed the survey - it really helped clarify what we should be focusing on together. If you'd like to see the findings then please download our Survey Results.

Why not also check out this inspiring Word Cloud that we generated using your answers to the question "what does happiness mean to you?"

If you didn't take part and would still be interested to contribute then you can find the survey here: Member Survey.

Join our Meet Up group

Lots of people have said they want to form Action for Happiness groups with other members that have a shared interest or who live nearby.

To help this happen, we've set up a new Meetup Group where you can post ideas for groups and have online discussions together. If you're keen to connect with other members then please sign up.

Richard Layard at the School of Life

Those of you near London may also want to come along to hear Richard Layard talking about Happiness at the School of Life on 23 January.

Happiness in the news

Here are some thought-provoking recent news items on happiness:

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And finally… two inspiring videos

I'll leave you with these two wonderful videos of happiness in action:

We hope you have a wonderful, happy holiday period and look forward to working together in 2011 to help create a happier society.

We'd love to hear from you at info@actionforhappiness.org


Mark Williamson
Director, Action for Happiness


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