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Our Achievements in 2018

07 Jan 2019 | Action for Happiness

2018 was another great year for the Action for Happiness movement and we're so grateful to all our supporters for their amazing kindness, inspiration and friendship.

It was a year when public discussion of mental wellbeing took another encouraging step forward, with conversations about mental health and happiness rising up the agenda.

Af H Volunteers

Here are some of our key achievements during the year: 

1. Launch of new charity

Having previously been based inside The Young Foundation, we successfully launched the new independent Action for Happiness charity.

2. Children's book

We published a very popular new Action for Happiness book for children called 50 Ways to Feel Happy and it had a really amazing response.

2018 Achievements 1 - Authors   2018 Achievements 2 - Speeches

3. Action calendars

We created and shared 12 monthly action calendars that have now been viewed and downloaded by over 2.5 million people. Amazing!

Self -Care September Small   New Things November - Small

4. Community courses

We saw encouraging growth in our Exploring What Matters courses. We recruited hundreds of new volunteers who went on to run over 100 new courses with around 2,000 participants.

5. Get-Togethers

We launched new materials and guidance to support monthly Get-Togethers and integrated these with our courses to help groups continue to meet after their course has finished. 

2018 Achievements 9 - Get Together   2018 Achievements 10 - Northampton

6. Academic evaluation

We received extremely positive results from a full independent evaluation of our courses, showing significant improvements in wellbeing, mental health, social trust and compassion.

7. Public Events

We held 14 major public events with 5,000 attendees. Speakers in 2018 included Andy Puddicombe, Rangan Chatterjee, Mo Gawdat, Matthieu Ricard, Satish Kumar, Rachel Kelly and more.

2018 Achievements 4 - Rangan   2018 Achievements 5 - Matthieu

2018 Achievements 6 - Food   2018 Achievements 8 - Headspace 

8. Happy Cafes

We saw continued growth in numbers of Happy Cafés, taking the total in the network to over 100 cafes across 20 countries.

9. School Toolkits

Lots more schools ordered our Keys to Happier Living Toolkit, with over 150 schools now using it. We also developed a new version of the Toolkit for use with younger children.

10. Engaging Influencers

We held a very successful supporters event with Gus O'Donnell and Wellbeing discussion dinners with key influencers including the Education Secretary and the Head of Ofsted.

11. Companies & Conferences

We delivered training, talks and workshops for over 20 organisations and spoke about Action for Happiness at many tens of conferences in the UK and around the world.

12. Website visitors

We had over 2 million new visits to our main website during the year, taking the total visits since launch to over 10 million people.

13. AfH Community

We saw our online/social media community grow to over 1.1 million followers. We also added 22,000 more AfH members, taking the total to over 128,000 from 175 countries.

2018 Achievements 11 - Conway   2018 Achievements 12 - Richard & Mark

14. Strategy & Fundraising

We developed our "Theory of Change" and created a new strategic plan. We brought on board a fundraising expert and submitted new funding applications.

15. Communications

We generated some great media coverage during the year and also recruited a new Head of Communications who will be ramping up our media engagement in 2019.

16. New App

We developed a new Action for Happiness smartphone app (based on our calendar actions) and shared this with a pilot group of users, ahead of a full public launch planned in 2019.

App Store Screenshots 1000

17. Student project

We completed a student-led project looking at ways for us to engage more successfully with students at universities, with key recommendations to take forward in 2019.

18. Day of Happiness

We ran a successful campaign to support the UN International Day of Happiness (20 March), with over 200,000 people engaging online.

19. International reach

AfH chapters launched in Germany and Italy and our calendars were translated by volunteers into 16 different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

20. Providing support

We responded to over 100,000 emails from the AfH community across the team during the year (that's an average of around 9,000 a month or 2,000 a week!).

2018 Achievements 3 - Team Lunch    2018 Achievements 7 - Brighton

Thanks for being part of this amazing community :)


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