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People-powered happiness in Bristol

19 Jul 2012 | Happy City Initiative

Happy City

This weekend's annual Bristol Harbour Festival is a celebration of our city and a real crowdpleaser. This year the event has a bold, new exciting story. It's powered by a tiny charity and oceans of goodwill, and happening right on the waterfront - it's the Happiness Zone.

In just 18 days and with a very low budget the Happy City Initiative has created an entire programme of events at the amphitheatre this weekend to inspire, involve and delight, and to showcase how great feats can be accomplished by many people doing small things.

"Creating this event in just over two weeks was a perfect opportunity to highlight exactly what Happy City is about - as soon as we accepted the challenge we knew we could show the extraordinary power of collective action" says Happy City's Liz Zeidler.

"We mobilised volunteers in a blink of an eye - hundreds came forward, asked how they could help and just got on with it. This is what people in Bristol can achieve, crowdsourcing in action - it's really exciting. The whole thing will be a hands-on interactive experience which also offers a glimpse of the future" says Liz.

"There's a serious side to it as we show how community, environmental and social justice work not only combine to bring greater personal happiness, but also a stronger economy. There's no reason why the serious stuff shouldn't also be fun.

"We've got a music stage under a solar powered geodome, some amazing bands, a speakers' corner, a live art project, a street party, kids' activities, food - the list goes on. You'd expect an event this huge to cost a fortune but the message is loud and clear. We can enjoy ourselves, celebrate our communities and work together without consuming tons of 'stuff'. That's our mission in a nutshell."

Other highlights include a "community inspirations" area teeming with activities, talks and fun stuff; a garden area and chill out zone; dancing and theatre pop-ups, and even a chocolate love temple! So for a taste of what happiness is really about make your way to the waterfront in Bristol, join the party and be inspired.

Read more about what's planned here.

Happy City - workshops


About Happy City

Happy City inspires, guides and supports people to increase and sustain individual and community happiness. Happy City challenges the mindset that says short-term consumption is the primary route to happiness. Instead Happy City promotes a view of happiness that focuses less on what we have, and more on what we do and how we are together. Happiness. It's not fluffy. It's radical.

For more information, contact: Mike Zeidler 07836 706978


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