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What does happiness mean to you?

04 May 2016 | Karen Liebenguth

Happy And Sad Faces

Happy is a much used word. "I'm happy about this, I'm not happy about that..."

But what does being happy really mean? How do we know we are happy? What does it feel like?

Research has shown that long-term happiness, feeling contented with life, stems from feeling and being in charge of as much of our life as possible. It's not about smiling all the time nor does it stem from money or health, but a self-belief you are on the road you want to be on.

The problem many of us face however is that we live out of sync with what matters most to us and we find ourselves doing a lot more things we don't like, meaning the things that contribute most to our happiness slip-off our agenda.

One of the most common reasons people seek life coaching is because they have an overall sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfilment. By helping increase self-awareness, coaching brings an understanding of where you are in your life and how you get to where you want to be.

Exploring Happiness 

Last Month's international Day of Happiness inspired lots of debate, including a panel discussion at The Canvas Café, London's First Happy Café. It was an energetic event and the themes tied in with research from the Action for Happiness Ten keys to Happier Living.

At the event, people discussed the importance of being spontaneous and playful; of making a difference to others; of making an effort to be happy in everyday life, and of being kind to oneself and others.

To find out what being happy means to you, ask yourself what's important to you in your life.

What is meaningful to you? What are the things that give you a deep sense of satisfaction and as a result, bring you happiness?

It's often the little things that bring great joy. Reigniting old passions such as painting, writing, photography or a sport; spending quality time with family and friends; changing a habit or routine or doing some voluntary work in your community.

Making an effort every day to explore what's possible is the very thing that renders our life meaningful and happy. It is essential for our wellbeing.


Green Space Coaching Wide

Karen Liebenguth is a life coach and accredited mindfulness teacher. She offers 1:1 coaching while walking in Victoria park because she believes that it is in nature where insight, change and creativity can happen most naturally. Karen also offers mindfulness workshops and courses for the workplace to reduce stress and restore wellbeing.

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For more information visit: www.greenspacecoaching.com or drop Karen a line: karen@greenspacecoaching.com


Love East Magazine

This article was originally published in Love East magazine in April 2016. It is re-published here with permission.


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