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Happiness at Work

Happy workplaces bring huge benefits, not just for people but for organisations too.

People who are happy at work tend to enjoy life more and have better health, stronger relationships and a greater sense of purpose. They also have a huge positive impact on the organisations they work for - evidence shows that happier staff are more productive, creative and committed. [1]

Happiness At Work

Yet the tragic fact is that huge numbers of people are desperately unhappy at work. For example, in Britain more than half of employees say they are unhappy and 36% are seriously considering leaving their jobs. [2] The implications for business are huge. In the UK it is estimated that work-related anxiety and stress cost the economy £26 billion each year. [3]

Making your workplace a happier one

Each of us can influence the levels of happiness in our workplace through our own behaviour and attitude. But leaders and managers of course have the greatest impact on the overall culture of an organisation. At Action for Happiness we want to help our members take action and begin a process of positive change in their organisations. The starting point is to get happiness onto the agenda.

Can we help you get happiness on the agenda in your organisation?

Could you bring together a significant number of people in your organisation for a discussion about why a happier workplace can make such a difference? If so then we may be able to help, thanks to our small but growing network of leading thinkers on happiness at work.

If you're interested then please email happierworkplaces@actionforhappiness.org and tell us:

  • Your company
  • Why this is relevant and how we can help
  • Who you would bring together for us to speak to

If we feel there's a real potential for us to have an impact in your organisation, we'll aim to provide a relevant expert to speak and help start a process of change. See conditions below for details.


Action for Happiness is offering to provide a relevant expert speaker to talk on the subject of happiness at work with groups of employees from the same organisation.

In choosing the organisations to support we will look for:

  • Commitment on the part of the employee to play an active role in trying to raise happiness up the agenda in their organisation
  • The chance to engage with a significant number of people in the organisation, ideally including senior leaders and key influencers
  • Evidence of this interaction being relevant and needed in the organisation and a potential willingness to take on board new ideas

Participating organisations will be asked for a donation (of their choice) to support the Action for Happiness campaign.

Action for Happiness reserves the right to choose to work with as many or as few organisions as it feels appropriate based on the responses received and the available resources. Given that the majority of our members are UK-based at this stage we anticipate working with organisations that have a UK presence initially.

Useful resources

Below is a selection of resources, books and links relating to happiness at work.

Guides to download

  • Happy Manifesto. Ideas you can put into practice to make your workplace great
  • Happy at Work. 25 things you need to know and do to be happy at work


General information

Free toolkits to use


[1 Lyubomirsky, S., King, L. (2005), The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success, Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 131, No. 6, 803- 85

[2] Mercer (2011), Over half ofUKemployees unhappy at work, What's Working survey, http://uk.mercer.com/press-releases/1420025

[3] Mind (2011), Taking care of business: employers guide to mentally healthy workplaces, ISBN 978-1-906759-22-3


The Happy Manifesto

Happy Manifesto

Henry Stewart from Happy Ltd explains how to make your organisation a great workplace. Download report 

Happy At Work

Happy at work

Alexander Kjerulf shares 25 things you need to know and do to be happy at work. Download report

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Happiness leads to success

Most people think that if they become successful, then they'll be happy. But recent discoveries in psychology and neuroscience show that this formula is backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around.

When we're positive, our brains are more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient, and productive.

Positive Emotions

"I've been able to show that fear closes down our minds and our hearts, whereas positive emotions literally open our minds and hearts... they really change our mindsets and our biochemistry"

Barbara Fredrickson

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson
Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina


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