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Podcast for Happiness

Joyful June - with Josie

Josie takes us on a short journey through the 2021 Joyful June calendar - sharing hints, tips and musings about some of the actions for this month.

Meaningul May - with Josie

Josie takes us on a short journey through the 2021 Meaningul May calendar - sharing hints, tips and musings about some of the actions for this month.

Active April - with Josie

Josie takes us on a short journey through the 2021 Active April calendar - sharing hints, tips and musings about some of the actions for this month.

Beyond Frazzled - with Ruby Wax

Entertainer and mental health advocate Ruby Wax shares how we can boost our mental wellbeing and find more possibility and positivity, even in dark times.

Mindful March - with Josie

Josie takes us on a short journey through the 2021 Mindful March calendar - sharing hints, tips and musings about some of the actions for this month.

Emotional Intelligence - with Daniel Goleman

Bestselling author Dan Goleman joins Dr Mark Williamson to share how Emotional Intelligence can help us live happier lives and contribute to a better world.

Headspace - with Andy Puddicombe

Co-founder and voice of the amazing Headspace app Andy Puddicombe talks about his journey, the importance of meditation and the power of community.

Self-discipline and Meditation - with Giovanni Dienstmann

Author and meditation teacher Giovanni Dienstmann explains the power of meditation and shares tools to live a life that is calm, centered and focused.

The Wanderful path to happiness - with David Pearl

David Pearl shares the story behind Street Wisdom and the key insights from his new book 'Wanderful: Human Navigation for a Complex World'.

The Rabbit Effect - with Dr Kelli Harding

Dr Kelli Harding shares the insights from her new book "The Rabbit Effect" and explores the amazing power of kindness and human relationships to transform our physical health.

Engineer your path to joy - with Mo Gawdat

In this inspiring Carpool Podcast, Mo Gawdat shares the remarkable story behind his bestselling Solve For Happy book, the tragic loss of his son and his mission to make one billion people happy.

What sport teaches us about life - with Simon Mundie

BBC's Simon Mundie shares insights from his work with high profile sports stars and experts about the link between our minds, our performance and our wider lives.

The price of heartbreak - with Rick Sharpe

Author Rick Sharpe shares the insights from his book "The price of heartbreak" about how we can respond constructively to challenging situations in our life - and how mindfulness can help.

Deeper Meaning & Fulfilment - with Dr Andrew Parnham

Happiness expert Dr Andrew Parnham shares his thoughts on how we can find lasting happiness, by developing healthy relationships and cultivating a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life, even in the face of adversity.

Carpool Q&A on Mindfulness - with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn answers supporter questions about how to put mindfulness skills into practice and live more wisely and mindfully in response to life's challenges.

10 Keys to Happier Living - with Vanessa King

Positive Psychology expert Vanessa King talks about her work with Action for Happiness and how the 10 Keys to Happier Living framework is helping to inspire action and change lives.

Present Moment Mindfulness - with Ted Meissner

Mindfulness teacher and host of one of the most popular meditation podcasts, Ted Meissner joins Gui for a fascinating conversation about mindfulness and how it can help us live happier lives.

Mindfulness Research - with Dr Julieta Galante

Researcher Dr Julieta Galante shares fascinating findings from her recent work on the benefits of mindfulness for students.

Julieta Wide

Carpool Mindfulness - with Matthieu Ricard

Author and Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard, joins the team in the car for an inspiring conversation about mindfulness, altruism and the self.

The Mindfulness Movement movie - with Rob Beemer

Film director, Rob Beemer, talks about his work creating an exciting new documentary all about the rapidly growing global mindfulness movement.

Carpool Mindfulness - with Jon Kabat-Zinn

The father of modern mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn, joins Action for Happiness supporters Gui and Anh in the car for an early morning conversation about all things mindfulness-related.

Action for Happiness - with Mark Williamson

Action for Happiness Director, Dr Mark Williamson, shares his story and talks about the amazing actions that AfH supporters are taking to help create a happier and kinder world.

The Science of Meditation - with Dan Goleman

Conversation with author and emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman about his new book about meditation, written with his old friend and neuroscientist Richie Davidson.

About These Podcasts

Podcast for Happiness is produced by our friends at Renaissance Podcast as part of their support for the work and mission of Action for Happiness. Huge thanks to Gui and Anh.

Gui With Richard And Team

Gui (left) and Anh (right) from Renaissance Podcast with members of the Action for Happiness team: Lord Richard Layard, Mark Williamson and Vanessa King


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